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"We are committed to being a leader in paper and paper packaging in the Thai and Indochina region."


The company must be reliable and trustworthy both with customers and partners.
Treat customers consistently
Create knowledge and expertise in paper products for personnel and customers.
Expand the business to grow continuously Covering all regions around the world 

C.A.S. Paper Co., Ltd.

  • A.D. 2020
    Digital raise era Innovation in printing technology is challenging all parties to adjust the way of doing business to act fast,supply new innovative products just in time customers want. We also step in new track of newly introduced printing technologies products and offer our customer not only quality but also create new market segment. We gather quality and varieties of all kind of printing and packaging paper supply in one place to help customers create their ideal job easier. And self-copy paper, office paper (copy paper, thermal paper, Fax paper) also count as our choices of products.
  • A.D. 1993
    Printing & Packaging age of changes In 1993, printing technology evolution rapidly changed, we adapted strategy to find more variety products to evolve and can provide quality products of choices of printing technology for our customers.
  • A.D. 1988
    Printing technology first wave Printing Technology shift and so do we. In 1988, “High quality products at one place” became our motto in this era to support our customers with variety of printing technology products e.g. printing & writing Paper, Printing Machine, Printing equipment, NCR.
  • A.D. 1971
    The Beginning C.A.S. Paper was established in 1971 as “Charoen Aksorn Co., Ltd.”. We started the business in printing industry by manufacture the letter press’s Thai/Chinese/English typing characters and other printing equipment. With the main good governance made us being quickly recognized and accepted in printing business nationwide.